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Scaling and polishing
We offer scaling and polishing to ensure that your teeth remains unblemished even at old age
You would be suprised what lenght we can go to make sure your teeth is healthy.

Consultation and Routine Dental Check-ups
Our dentist are always available to answer your questions or for a consulting session

Dental Xrays
Periapical, Cephalometric, Orthopantomogram, TmJ, Sinus are just a few of the many dental imaging we can carry out at our dental clinic

Teeth Whitening
Teeht Whitening information is also available at Canan Dental

Peridontal Debridement
We can help diagnose and treat gum diseases through our wealth of experience

Desensitization of Sensitive teeth
Teeth desensitization is offered at our clinic.

Bridges & Dentures
Replacement of missing teeth with bridges or dentures

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Dental Crowning
Crowning of missing or damaged teeth

Reduction and Immobilization of fractured Mandible (I.M.F)

Dental Services for Kids and Elderly
We offer convenient services on dental procedures for the eldery and for children below 5

Third Molar Surgery
We can carry out surgery on tooth that is damaged or needs rebuilding.

Dental Implants
Through surgery and proper equiptment our dentist can offer painless processes in placing dental implants

We know extractions are necessary once in while and our dentist here will offer you the best and easiest way to have the troublesome tooth out.
Gigivitis Graft

We can take care of this and many more services for you. reach us on our contact us page

  • Scaling and Polishing
  • Consultation and Routine Dental Check-ups
  • Dental Xrays
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Periodontal Debridgement
  • Desensitization of Sensitive Teeth
  • Bridges and Dentures
  • Dental Crowning
  • I.M.F
  • Dental Services for Kids and Elderly
  • Third Molar Surgery
  • Dental Implants
  • Extractions
  • Givivitis Graft
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