Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is an area of dentistry that includes diagnostic and surgical services to treat diseases, wounds, deformities, and cosmetic disfigurements of the oral and facial region.

The maxillofacial region includes the lower jaw, jaw joints, associated facial structures, upper jaw, cheekbones, the bones that support the eyes, chin, including the teeth, supporting bone, gum tissues, salivary glands, and lining tissues of the mouth.

At Canan Dental Clinic, we are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and instruments, and we maintain strict adherence to infection control and sterilization measures.

Our oral and maxillofacial procedures include removing teeth, controlling oral and facial pathology, placing dental implants, and bone and soft tissue grafting.

What are
General Dentistry Treatments?

Surgical Removal: This involves the taking out of weak or diseased teeth or any other anomalies from the jaw, mouth, or facial area through surgical means. The process involves the numbing of the affected area before any procedure is performed and is usually done after every other remedy have been applied.

The surgical operation can be for tooth extraction, tumour removal, investigation, fixing jaw discrepancies, cosmetic surgery, etc.

No matter the surgical need you may have, be rest assured that as a competent dental clinic in Lagos, our highly skilled oral surgeons have the expertise and experience to take care of you.

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Paediatric Dentistry

Your children’s teeth are as important as yours and should be taken care of as they go through different ages.


We offer one of the most cost-friendly tooth replacement services in Lagos, Nigeria.

General Dentistry

Get a procedure to correct unfavourable oral conditions, diseases or to improve the look of your smile.

Cosmetics Dentistry

Let’s make up your teeth, and give you that beautiful and awesome teeth you’ve always wanted.

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