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Cosmetics dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry helps improve the look of a person’s mouth, teeth, and a smile by removing all types of discolouration caused by age, trauma, food, drinks, oral hygiene, caffeine, or smoking from your teeth. These could include teeth whitening, veneers, braces, aligners, etc.

Cosmetic dentistry used to be expensive, but not anymore. With the latest technology, it is now very affordable, more available, and more lasting than ever so that everyone can have it.

Your smile is an essential part of your confidence building. With the different affordable dental cosmetic treatments available, there is no reason not to look as beautiful as you want.


What areCosmetics Dentistry Treatments?

Veneers: These are porcelain shells that bond to the teeth using special cement, and provide excellent aesthetic results, and gets preferred over teeth whitening products and orthodontic treatments.

Dental Implants: The procedure has been used successfully for decades with very high success rate, thanks to modern medical technology. They are used in cases of tooth loss to implant articial tooth.

  • Teeth Whitening: This involves using bleach to remove discolouration caused by different elements like ageing, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, etc. Our teeth whitening treatments that are long-lasting and safe, without damaging your teeth, gums or mouth.
  • Contouring: This procedure is a treatment on people who have more gum showing more than they should. A small part of the gums is shaped to level up the amount of tooth showing.

Why choose us?

We understand what experience means, especially in the health care industry. That’s why we never compromise on the quality of our Doctors.
We commit a lot to use some of the best and most advanced state-of-the-art technologies in the dental industry.
Quality dental care shouldn’t be expensive especially when our main focus is putting a beautiful smile on your face when leaving our clinic.
Our procedures are laced with 100% quality assurance with an excellent customer service that is ready to attend to all your questions.

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